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May. 26th, 2004

08:03 pm - last update EVER

okay, livejournal has gotten me into alot of shit. so here's my last ever update and then i'm never using this username again. Here's something that ought to make you laugh (well it made me laugh) http://www.funnyjunk.com/pages/world.htm lots of good accents in there.

well, exams are fucking my brain up and i really ought to care but i find my lacking of caring quite comforting. hope these exams don't matter if i want to move school (although i do know they do)

i just put lots of cream on my legs so they feel extra smooth. god alot of people are coming to less than jake. freya might still be able to come :) :) :). hope she can, tickets haven't arrived yet but soon they will. gonna buy alot of weed *ahem i mean tea* but only close mates can join (meaning me, freya, rebs, katie and zoe - don't think sas is coming right?) mike (both) and all that lot can find their own dope. also, i'll appreciate it is people donate towards the tea because i'm kinda skint and i'm always paying for it. depending on how many people are willing to donate changes how much you have to pay so persuade people and you'll pay less! if all five of us want some it's only four pounds each. (presuming we smoke it all throughout friday or also on sat and the rest of the weekend).

katie, any news of the urine test? or ask your mum when it is so you know not to book anything then ;)

so that's it, that's all i can think of writing except that seth and ryan are hot but so is rodgie with his phat dreads. can't wait to see them. they'll be wicked. and what's the sleeping plan for friday, coz i people are relying on my i need to know and ask (actually, fuck it i have work the next day. maybe sleeping over may not be a good idea unless people stay at my house until i get back because waking up at 7.45 is just cruel to you guys)

bye, forever.

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May. 19th, 2004

09:14 pm - mole

my mole is still there! small triumph! yay! it's red around half of it though. oh well! yay! MOLEY MOLEY MOLEY!

i know that it's exams so we're not doing tea but i still think we should do something this friday. think about it ppl... what do you wana do? we could do something that envolves the sun or we oculd be nocturnal creatures and do something else.... i'll leave it for you guys to suggest and decide.

uh' girl caress me down, that's the loving sound *stops singing what i'm typing*. sorry about that ppl.

no more french exchange, yay, no more ppl thinking it's cool to stand outside school with those losers just because a bunch of minging ucs boys are there. yay!god our school are sad, especially natasha and jessie and that lot, they are also really two faced bitches. (i know that katie and zoe might not agree but i think that before you comment and slander me, take a closer look at how the act to others, not just you, even if you don't like the other ppl. THEN JUDGE. after all, everyone is a human being and deserves to be treated fairly and kindly)

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May. 18th, 2004

02:31 pm - bad religion

bad religion sat night was so much fun. originally katie and zoe came over and we were waiting to see is fru and rebs would come over but fru had to go home so we played a trick on rebs (we all know about that now). the coke hadn't arrived so we just chilled and talked but then it came to when everyone had to leave and still the coke hadn't come.

we originally said we'd leave at 7 but then that became 7.30 then the guy called saying he couldn't bring us the diet coke so we tried matts mate and asked him to pick it up for us because it was 8.05 and b.r were starting at 8.20. we were like fuck fuck fuck fuck, arrived, went to the bar got a beer each (btw 'we' means me, matt, hazza, ben, jake - jacob, and joe) after downing the beers we went into the 'pit' as katie and zoe like it or mosh or circle pit and others say. it was so violent with ltos of built men but it was still wicked because they have alot of respect for the few girls that actually go in this pit. got wacked in the jaw by matt, got my lips wacked which swelled up after 2 minutes but went down half-way through b.r's set so it wasn't that bad. sorrow, american jesus were probably the best songs because the i just got so intot he pit because they were just so good. american jesus was played last (ofcourse), the lead singer (i know his name but you know me... memories) was actaully going bald and the second guitarist wasn't there because he's 47 and just couldn't handle it anymore and has a fmaily etc... but the other guitarist looke dlike a boy band boy because he had long dyed blonde hair and a fan was blowing it backwards... quite funny.

matt and hazza lifted me up to let me crowd surf... again sooo much fun, i was a bit guilty because i hit people int he head but it's revenge for all the other people who have done that to me in the past. i got quite a good lift and was literally flung into the crowd, go rolled over and so i was onto my stomach. they so oversold the tickets though because there was way too many people in the astoria. so bloody hot, glad i didnt take a jumper or anything because i'd have had to lug it about but when i got out my sweat made me so cold. if it's possible harry's hair looked so much better sweaty and straight emo like, he should be in a band! my hair was drenched at the front. poor ben though he had had a bike accident and had to stand on the side with his arm in a sling whilst we were in there havign fun. what's worse is that i didn't even realise that he was all alone out there otherwise i'd have come out of the pit once or twice to keep him company and scam on his beer!

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May. 6th, 2004

08:19 pm

Grunge! You're all about the music and would even
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What genre of rock are you?
brought to you by Quizilla do you really think that's me?

08:08 pm

Are you Creative? by yellowrubberduck
Enter the name of your unborn child
Your natural talent is: 96%
For your artwork, people will pay $502,257,847,085
It will be displayed in a bin
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Your specialist area will be optical illusions
Critics will not know who you are
Created with the ORIGINAL MemeGen!
coolio. i make more money than sas! eveb if it is displayed in a bin - who cares! it's art! Well... today i went to the opticians and got my fancy new glasses, saw katie and zoe walking up to Kentish town when we were waiting in the traffic lights. gave them a call, said hi, waved then drove off on them. wonder if they got a glimpse of my amazing glasses. So much for my no more dope. i'm going halfs with joe on an 1/8! whoops! i'll havbe to have a joint tonight, more tommorrow and finish it off on sunday. maybe i could save some for next weekend..... is that possible? nah! toodle doods guys.

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02:01 pm - wrong

Which 1990's Subculture Do You Belong To?

[Another Quiz by Kris
@ couplandesque.net]

i'm sorry but how wrong is this? i'm not fucking goth. aint ever and aint ever gonna be. this thing sucks monkeys dicks.

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May. 5th, 2004

08:01 pm - !

is anyone else's hotmail fucked up? mine is. msn wont let me sign in and when it do it the long way it says the page i want is not available. HELP!

07:54 pm

Wow, well, believe it or not i'm actually on live journal out of school. jesus this is a new low - even for me. Well... let me tell you about my day.


Jesus, now i know why i don't come on this thing every day. My brothers have been bastards to me, i hate it when they are together they fucking pick on me. it's like when one is away (or in my dreams, dead) the other one is so nice and we never fight, but as soon as those two are reunited i get a string on insults being thrown my way.

Art was fun, my batik is really coming along but i need to go up there lots of lunch times now if i want to finish it because those fucking a level people are taking up out lesson time.

English... god results for my summers blood story. i was pleased, didn't get marked down for my swearing. yay for uncensorship!

German... boring as hell, got my unit test back, got way less than 50% mrs.tiger thinks we're all going to get A's in our exams - ha! THE FOOL! spent most of my time speaking to dido and Kathy (pappas, k to the p to the p to the k). friday people, plan nothing, rebs fru and me got our last two joints saved for those who want. (sorry fru and rebs if i'm speaking freely for you)

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Apr. 27th, 2004

02:08 pm - i havent done this in a while

jesus, it's been ages since i've updated my live journal. okay, well my exam times table isn't that bad. i've got 4/8 days that i get to go home at 10,30. i think that's pretty good. this weekend i haven't got anything to do. zoe's abandoming us and going to brighton. katie's abandoming us and going to suffolk. anyone else want to spring some random trip on me and make me realise that i have no one.

does anyone know about westminster. i'm considering going there for a levels but i'm not going unless they allow me to get dreads. i'd really apreciate it if someone tells me about that. cheers me dears.

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Mar. 29th, 2004

01:44 pm - d of e

okay, it wasnt as fun as i expected coz it was too controlled but in comparison to what it could've been it was still really cool. mrs. fanning kept our whole group behind and mad eus the slow ones by hogging the sheet we needed, damn her and her need to be in control.

awww, sam's speech was so cute today (and long and ,mumbly but i still held onto every word he said) he's leaving :'(. i'm making him a card, i'm making him a card a picture on it (what of i dunno, need ideas so people please help) i was thinking a camera but that's a bit too obvious. maybe i'll just make a card with WE'LL MISS YOU SAM in big letters.

write a comment soon people!

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